Feb 2, 2007

☆About this class☆

First of all...I liked this chass very much!!!
There were only 6 students in our class, but I liked all of them and had a good time with them through classes.
As I told you before, it was my first time to blog in English. Sometimes I had use dictionary and took time to write, but I learned many words and expression by using it. I've liked writing, and I like that more than before, I think. As for reading, I think it's very good way to extend my vocabulary. I want to continue to read English books.
I hope many students are going to have this class from now. This class helped me a lot.

Thank you so much!!!

☆Final blog chack☆

The number of post: 60

The number of words: 13, 020

The number of post in October: 12

The number of post in November: 10

The number of post in December: 23

The number of post in January: 15

Jan 25, 2007

San Antonio Day☆

We had an event which is called San Antonio Day at Kumamoto City International Center. A city official introduced the city by using power point, an Amarican staff who works at Kumamoto city hall introduced his family and America, an exchange student from San Antonio gave a speech about her life in Kumamoto, and I gave a speech about my experience in San Antonio last year.
I just finished writing the text of a speech before I left home to the city hall. I had no time to practice(>_<) In the city hall, I was introduced to some city officials. Later pics which I brought got into print. After that we went to the International Center. We arranged chairs, snacks, drinks and so on. There were not so many people as we had expected, so we were disappointed.
At 6:30 p.m. the event started. I talked for 20 minutes. Some people praised my speech, so I was very glad and got a lot of confidence. I hope some people had interested in the city through the event.
After the event, I was invited to the dinner and went to the Japanese restaurant in downtown with a city official. We talked a lot of things there and had a good time. Of course, the food was really delicious!!! I want to join the event like this again.

Jan 23, 2007


This book introduce general informetion of the United States for us. There are map, history, organization of people, food, car, problems, sports, entertainment and so on. There weren't so many new information specially.

Let me show you some new American information in this book for me.

1: Dinner-time for most Americans is 6:00 p.m.

2: About 750,000 people move to the United States every year.

3: Hollywood makes about 570 movies in a year.

4: Jack Nicholson likes to watch bascketball.

5: Nashvill is the center of country music.

Have you known them?!

Jan 21, 2007


I saw a movie, The Wizard of Oz. I've seen a outdoor play of this story when I was in high school. However, I couldn't understand it at all because it played in English. So I didn't know the story at all till now.
I belong to American literature seminer now and we read one short story this semester. In the story, this song, Over the Rainbow, play a important role. That's why I remembered this story and watched it.
Just like before I found this movie on the website for free. It was made in 1939, but it was great. I cannot believe that it's so old movie!!! It's surprising.
I know most people know the plot but I show you a bit. Dorothy lives in Kanzas. One day she caught a tornade and went into Oz, very wonder land. She meets some witches, has company. And she went to see a wizard of Oz to go back her home, Kanzas.
I liked this story so much. It taught me some important things which I'm easy to forget in my daily life. Usually I never watch musical movies, but I liked it!

Jan 17, 2007


I read Little Women. This story is known as Wakakusa Monogatari(young grass story!) in Japan. The story was animated cartoon when I was a little kid. I had plastic sheet of the cartoon! I've watched it but I forgot them.

There are March family, father, mother and four daughters in the book. Their names are Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy. They had some trouble, but they overcome them all. In the cartoon, I remember that I liked Beth the best. However, I like Jo in the book. Well, this book is for beginner, so I couldn't see the detail of the story. I want to see a movie or book of it when I have a chace!!! I'm sure I love it.

Jan 15, 2007

Spending time with friends☆

I had a two appointment with friends today. Around noon I went to a family reataurant with my classmate near my apartment to talking with her. Actually we wanted to talk about ourselves deeply for job hunting. When we entry for the exam of companies, we need to tell them about our thinking, parsonality and so on. So we kept talking for more than 5 hours. She told me my parsonality a lot. My good point is that I'm a man of observation and tough, and my weak point is that I'm easy to be depressed...how do you think? I think they're true. I'm not sure how it'll be going now, but I hope both of us will be able to have a job which we want.

After 5 p.m. I went out with my friends whom I met when I was in San Antonio and his girlfriend. He was a exchange student as me last year, and he goes to the university in Kumamoto. His girlfriend has come to San Antonio to visit him, so I've known her. First he drove me around the east part of Kumamoto city to show it. Then we went to Karaoke! Both of them like singing very much, and also they are good singer. Very different from me^^; We sang and sang♪ I've not been there to sing songs since last July, so I had a very good time!!! After that, all of us was hungry, so we went to SUKIYA, a restaurant of a bowl of rice topped with cooked beef) . I ordered Gyudon, salad and miso soup. They are good though they cost me only 450 yen. I got full! We talked about memories of San Antonio, friends there. Also I asked them about job hunting because they are senior. They advised me a lot. I want to do my best. Around 1 a.m. I got home. I'd love to meet them again if I'll have a chance!